There are times in our lives that we need a place and space to open up our hearts and consider lost or misplaced aspects of our stories. Often these "gaps" have contributed to the experience of feeling disoriented, overwhelmed and broken. This space takes courage. But what if, as a pathway to healing and wholeness, we knew that there was a reliable guide to anchor us while risking this kind exposure? 

Counseling is about connecting dots. Having a skilled set of eyes and ears on our stories creates potential to see disconnected parts of our lives with fresh perspective and understanding. My training and background has tuned me to see the "wilderness" of people's lives and begin to help them make sense of it. Coaching is about making wise choices with the unique commodities available to us. To make good decisions, we must first become more aware of who we are, what is hindering us and who we want to become. Then we can more holistically engage the complicated array of variables around us. My practice is geared to anchor adolescents, families and adults in the process of integrating the complexities of their stories and relationships into a more healed, equipped and hope-filled way of living. I offer a direct, yet playful and kind style of relating with the aim of creating a safe, collaborative therapeutic environment. 

This is the beauty and benefit of being on belay.